April 5th 2017

Added an icon and a site background using a PNG from one of affiliates! Be sure to check the content and my affiliates out guys, you all have wonderful websites :)

April 4th 2017

Haven't been feeling very well of late so it has taken a while for me to feel up to doing any more to the site and adding/updating affiliates (sorry bout that guys, thanks so much for your patience)
I am currently using my uncle's laptop to update from and sadly he doesn't have photoshop and I feel very much like making something right now, but no matter - I'll just add some more links and try to fix a few more little things that need fixing.
Hoping to add a few more pages asap and work out the best place to put the update section lol - I had it worked out for a while but then decided I wanted to change it. One think about me is that I seem to ALWAYS find something in my coding to fiddle with and it never seems to be "perfect" for me hahah. I just realised- I have never really had any experience coding with PHP... Maybe that's my problem... I feel like a lot of my little issues might be resolved if I was actually bothered to figure it out... Hmmmmm...
Thanks guys <3

March 4th 2017

Finally found some fonts I really like, I hope you all find them legible - please let me know if they are or aren't.
Found some content I will upload today.

My to do list for the site is here if you are curious.

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