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Moving to a new house soon so I may not get as much done here as I would like in the next few weeks or so, not sure when I will be getting internet. I Got my 2nd BJD in the mail today :'3 I will try to write some back story for her and add some BJD related content at some point!

FEBRUARY 17 2017

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I have added the basics for all the secondary pages except for the store page.
There is something wrong with some of my coding, I have been tweaking it and ruining it and fixing it and I still can’t figure out why every time I try to move something slightly the whole code gets wrecked :(
I’m trying to fix this before making the site prettier.

JUNE 23 2015

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So I’ve been sick for the past 2 weeks and haven’t been going to work. I’m starting there as an actual employee at the end of the week which is great so tomorrow is the first day I’ll be back since being sick. For some reason I keep getting so anxious about going back after I haven’t been for a while—I think I just get out of the swing of it.
Anyways, here is a picture of some of the things I made with resin! Captain Americas shield didn’t work out very well and neither did all of the roses but practice makes perfect! Oh and there’s also some things I made from Fimo!
I also uploaded some art I did for a friend!

JUNE 11 2015

Posted Jun 11, 2015. Filed under personal, job, craft.

I just recently got a job at a local craft supply store which is awesome! I’ve been doing work experience there for the last month or so and they were so impressed they decided to hire me which is pretty great :D I don’t start until the week of the 22nd but I’ll be doing work experience still up until I start which will be good for them and me hahaha. Pretty stoked about it and I enjoy the work which is good :)
I’ve got quite a lot of decoden stuff to make now which I still haven’t gotten around to doing but heres a sneak peek of the cabochons I’ve collected to use!
I’ve also been experimenting with resin the last few days so fingers crossed it turns out and I can do something with it hahah!

Decoden 2

Posted Sep 18, 2014. Filed under personal, business, craft.

Got some stuff to start doing decoden with, I still have a few more things to get before I’m ready to start, and I’m pretty nervous about my first go at it but I’m excited too.
I’m also considering making this ~hobby~ a legit business, I’ve done a course in business management so I /kinda/ ~maybe~ know what I needa do but we’ll see. I’m doing a course in community service and it has a lot of personal development stuff in it and will be helpful for me :)

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