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APRIL 4TH 2017

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Haven’t been feeling very well of late so it has taken a while for me to feel up to doing any more to the site and adding/updating affiliates (sorry bout that guys, thanks so much for your patience)
I am currently using my uncle’s laptop to update from and sadly he doesn’t have photoshop and I feel very much like making something right now, but no matter—I’ll just add some more links and try to fix a few more little things that need fixing.
Hoping to add a few more pages asap and work out the best place to put the update section lol—I had it worked out for a while but then decided I wanted to change it. One think about me is that I seem to ALWAYS find something in my coding to fiddle with and it never seems to be “perfect” for me hahah. I just realised- I have never really had any experience coding with PHP… Maybe that’s my problem… I feel like a lot of my little issues might be resolved if I was actually bothered to figure it out… Hmmmmm…
Thanks guys <3

MARCH 4TH 2017

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Finally found some fonts I really like, I hope you all find them legible—please let me know if they are or aren’t.
Found some content I will upload today.

MARCH 3RD 2017

Posted Mar 3, 2017. Filed under site, personal.

Finally have the internet at my place. Will be working on some stuff soon but also pretty busy and starting to get unwell. Just got a SATA to USB adapter in the mail and I’m having fun salvaging some of my old files and resources so I may upload some of my older stuff here soon :)


Posted Feb 27, 2017. Filed under site, personal.

Will hopefully be getting internet within the next few weeks at my place. If I get bored without it I might make some content to upload or something in the meantime.


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Moved into my new place, will be getting internet HOPEFULLY by the 1st of March. Been very busy organising my place the last few days—putting things away where they need to go.
My parents are going to the other side of the country for about 3 months within the week and I’m nervous about it because I’m not very independant right now.
Adding new affiliates now.
I made a button

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