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Panic! at the Disco

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Hi guys,

I havent had time to code the blog properly—so sorry about that, it’s all over the place and looks terrible. I shall try to fix it up asap—I’m just super busy right now.

I started making a fanlisting for Panic! at the Disco (one of my favourite bands) and it can be found here, but as you can see I still have to add content. Thank you to my affiliate sugarp0p for the png of Brendon :)
I wasn’t going to put it up until it was done, but I’ve just been so busy with life I havent had a chance to finish it.

Finally Added Fanupdate!

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I can finally blog properly to my website omg I can’t believe I hadn’t been bothered to do this sooner!

Whats been going on for me?
If you read any of my old posts or look at any of my external links you may notice that my health is very unstable. Been struggling with depression for over ten years now and every year it seems to mutate into something more. It makes it very hard for me sometimes (especially motivation wise) so this is the reason I’m often absent or unable to reply straight away.

My parents have finally come home from their holiday which is GREAT because I was really having a lot of trouble without my mum being near.

I have so many ideas and things that I want to do to my site and everything, I hope I will be able to do it! First priority with this website is adding this blog to the index so you all can actually read it and then making it look nice! ahahah! I also hope to eventually re-code the whole site into php, which I’m quite new to and a little scared about. My dad is VERY good at all things programming—so I’ll probably talk to him about it :D

I’m gonna be putting together a portfolio of my work soon and also a resume and so I’m gonna be spending some of my time working on that in the immediate future.

Hope you are all well xxxx

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