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Posted Feb 27, 2017. Filed under site, personal.

Will hopefully be getting internet within the next few weeks at my place. If I get bored without it I might make some content to upload or something in the meantime.


Posted Feb 25, 2017. Filed under affiliates, personal, family, moved. Leave a comment?

Moved into my new place, will be getting internet HOPEFULLY by the 1st of March. Been very busy organising my place the last few days—putting things away where they need to go.
My parents are going to the other side of the country for about 3 months within the week and I’m nervous about it because I’m not very independant right now.
Adding new affiliates now.
I made a button


Posted Feb 18, 2017. Filed under site, personal, moved, doll. Leave a comment?

Moving to a new house soon so I may not get as much done here as I would like in the next few weeks or so, not sure when I will be getting internet. I Got my 2nd BJD in the mail today :'3 I will try to write some back story for her and add some BJD related content at some point!

FEBRUARY 17 2017

Posted Feb 17, 2017. Filed under site.

I have added the basics for all the secondary pages except for the store page.
There is something wrong with some of my coding, I have been tweaking it and ruining it and fixing it and I still can’t figure out why every time I try to move something slightly the whole code gets wrecked :(
I’m trying to fix this before making the site prettier.

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