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First PNG

Posted May 26, 2012. Filed under site, content, png, rachel mcadams.

I have a PNG extraction of Rachel McAdams up! It probably could be a little cleaner in areas, but I was a little rushed for time.

New Affiliate

Posted May 24, 2012. Filed under site, affiliates.

Back home now so I won’t be able to make anything for a while :( it’s so sad but oh well!

I have another affie! (: Desirae @SC2U!!! Go have a look at her site and say hello!!!

I might add more to this update soon, but my laptop is about to die and I have some things to do!

First Affiliates!

Posted May 23, 2012. Filed under site.

I didn’t add any updates for the past few days because I’ve been pretty busy u__u;
I’ve tweaked stuff here and there, as usual, and added some more things I’ve made—they aren’t very good ;__; but hopefully I’ll get better once I start getting back into the swing of it.

I’ve got a few affiliates now too! (:—The ATLM girls @TRAINWRECK and Ashlei @TRUE BLUE BLENDS!!! Go check them out and say hi!!!
I have applied to be affies with a fair few other sites as well—but I think that my email might be playing up so I’m not sure if anyone else has accepted or not!

Tweaking the Layout

Posted May 18, 2012. Filed under site.

There are still a few minor things that need tweaking with the layout of the site
I’ve added a few more things and took down some links that won’t be working for a while.

Gimp is better than the online editors I was using but is no way near as good as Photoshop as far as I’m concerned—probably because I know my way around Photoshop. There are things on Gimp I couldn’t find that I use all the time on PS so :( but so the things I was making from Gimp aren’t up to my personal standard of quality

Hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to finish everything soon.

Almost ready to unveil!

Posted May 18, 2012. Filed under site.

Re-downloaded Gimp because I had the biggest craving to make things! Finished and uploaded a wallpaper I’d been working on at my uncle’s house. Think I might make some blends and just mess around next time I’m on the computer. Speaking of which I’ve discovered that when my screen messes up if I bang my laptop against the desk it goes back to normal haha! I’m sure it can’t be good for my computer, and I definitely do need a new one anyways, but at least I’m all functional now

Every day is a step closer to making this site public!!!

Also, I need affiliates haha.

Well I am off to bed seeing as it is actually technically the 18th now

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