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Adding Pages

Posted Apr 30, 2012. Filed under site.

Today I’ve created all the pages I want for the site so far and I’m going to work from there.

There currently isn’t any actual content—aside from a bit of a blurb and a few links to resources. I’m a little nervous to make a start on the actual content, haha, but hopefully there will be some things of interest on the page over the next few days and weeks.

Pages exist though! Stuff is being done!!!

I’m Hosted!

Posted Apr 28, 2012. Filed under site.

Today I got an email from Misaki at three-words saying that she had approved my application to be hosted! I was so excited and got started right away!
I have created a range of sites over the years—purely for fun. Web design is something I find to be an enjoyable challenge.
I hope to get as much dont today as I can! Thankfully I’d already made the graphics and a basic outline of a layout :)

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