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Moving to a new house soon so I may not get as much done here as I would like in the next few weeks or so, not sure when I will be getting internet. I Got my 2nd BJD in the mail today :'3 I will try to write some back story for her and add some BJD related content at some point!

Sorry it’s been so long :/

Posted Aug 21, 2014. Filed under personal, health, moved, tomi, doll.

So a lot has happened since I last added an update here. I’d started working on a new layout for the site, but forgot about it for ages. Anyways, I recently moved to be closer to my boyfriend and now I live right around the corner from him whereas before I was 6 hours away! I miss my family very much but I’ll be visiting every now and then
I posted a fair few updates to facebook if you’d like to check em out
I’m currently trying to get healthier and look into getting a car, a BJD, and more cute clothes

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