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Tumblr Themes!

Posted Nov 11, 2012. Filed under content, reading, books, school, tumblr, castle, psych, shows.

So sorry for being inactive for so long, but I have some good news!!! I have successfully finished coding a theme for tumblr which I’ve posted HERE for public use!

I’ve finished all the assignments for my class and I just have to hand the last one in tomorrow.

I tried re-installing Photoshop and it’s partially worked—but a few parts of the program aren’t working which is SUPER annoying. I’m going to have to try to fix it at some point. Hahaha gosh I need a new computer.
Once that’s all fixed I think I want to change the layout of the site, I’m not sure yet. It depends on how much time I have and stuff.
Oh, I got the wireless thing for my tablet :D so that’s awesome!

I finally read Stardust by Neil Gaiman—it was super amazing! I haven’t started reading anything else yet—but I have been watching Psych and I am up to season 3. Oh, also this season (5) of Castle is AMAZING so far :D

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