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First post of the New Year!

Posted Jan 14, 2013. Filed under content, personal, tutorial, Japan, uni, lizzie bennet diaries, Le Miserables.

Alright so I’ve had a good couple of months, which has been awesome!

My friend from Japan who was staying over left on the 10th of December I miss her a lot! I can’t wait until I’m finally able to go back to Japan!

I am no longer a teenager which is a bit odd.

I’m currently super obsessed with THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES and Le Miserables!

Round 1 Uni Offers are on the 17th of this month so literally Thursday. I just want to move out already!!! And I need to go for my drivers license!!!

I just added a MAKEUP TUTORIAL and a few other bits and pieces.

I hope everything is well with you guys!!!

Added some Tutorials!

Posted Aug 25, 2012. Filed under site, content, tutorial.

There’s two tutorials up! I hope they make sense! Still tweaking things here and there.

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