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Going slow

Posted Jul 17, 2012. Filed under site, wacom.

Ugh I am really annoyed at how this site is not really getting anywhere at the moment. I’m looking at the stuff I have up here and it isn’t even to my standard of work—I guess it;s mostly because half the stuff was done in a hurry or on gimp. I want to delete it all lol but then there’ll be nothing on the site V_V;;;
As I’ve stated before, photoshop died on my laptop because it’s too full of crap and I use my uncle’s desktop when I can. BUT my uncle’s computer is worse than mine!!! It has so much rubbish on the CPU that it can’t cope and it takes fooooooorever to do anything!

On a good note I finally got a Wacom Tablet! I have been wanting one for longer than I can remember and it’s so fun to use, I love it!
I was hoping to make some tutorials, but it depends on if I have the time to wait for this damn piece of junk to do anything -___-

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